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First of all, if you have not seen it, the Daily Show election recap episode is an example of Jon Stewart at his best: truth to power, hilariously.

Most telling is the continuing reality-denial narrative at Fix News and by extension in the whole of the right-wing Whack-O-Sphere. The Republican Party as it exists today is finally, after thrashing about for a few years, at an end as a national force. It will now either wither and die to be replaced by some less crazy party, or it will adjust in the direction of reality.

Second, here at Slacktivist Fred Clark dissects the end of the Fundamentalist Right’s claim to moral superiority. There has never been a clearer referendum on its pro-bigot, anti-woman agenda than we had this past Tuesday, and the results are writ large: in every race that was remotely competitive, the Religious Right’s agenda lost, as did thier candidates. Even in red states.

The article’s key point, though, nicely underscores the Religious Right’s key failing: that its teachings on these issues are in fact not morally right but in fact deeply repugnant to a growing percentage — now the majority — of the American people.

And third: Democrats now have a supermajority in California. That’s quorum-defying control of both houses as well as the governorship. Republicans are effectively powerless in this scenario; no vote they can make can stop anything Democrats agree among themselves to do.

It is tempting to say “hey, the good guys won and that’s great,” but this situation is in fact incredibly dangerous. The disgrace that is the modern Republican Party has chased away almost everyone with any connection to reality, and in America’s largest state it has in so doing abdicated its responsibility to provide a “loyal opposition.” There is no sign that the party as currently constituted is going to budge at all, and the internal narrative indeed turned away from reality and into delusions of persecution.

This will not help. Just a few years ago Republicans were talking openly about one-party rule and a permanent majority. That’s… not going to work out how they’d planned.


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